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By Sarafina Sanerivi ,

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Peoples Gym: The second branch is now located at the Ace of Clubs compound.

Peoples Gym: The second branch is now located at the Ace of Clubs compound.

‘Promoting healthy living and exercising’ is the main idea behind the opening of the new branch of the J.P. Fitness Centre yesterday.

Known as the “People’s Gym” the second branch is now located at the Ace of Clubs compound. 

The new building has more space for the customers than the main branch at Vaimea. 

The Manager of J.P. Fitness, May Sami, said the idea to open up another branch for J.P. was born in August last year.

“We saw that there was a need for more room for our customers to enjoy their workouts at our main branch,” she said.

“Therefore we decided to have another branch with more space so that our customers do not have to wait for their turns.”

Moreover, alleviating obesity in Samoa is another concept behind the newly opened facility.

“This is our way of promoting exercising and healthy living to eliminate this issue.

"Plus the location is perfect; I mean it’s in the heart of Apia. This will be convenient for them and it will be easy for them to come and enjoy a workout here." 

As any other project, there are always challenges along the way. For J.P. Fitness, getting in new equipments was the main challenge.

However, May shared that they are now very excited that it’s finally opened to the public. 

“We are very grateful and happy that it is now completed and we want to thank everyone who contributed to the success of our project.”

She was especially happy about the location of the gym. 

“It is very convenient for our customers and we are very happy to be given the opportunity to have our business here.”

She also mentioned that the prices at the new branch are not as expensive as their main branch at Vaimea. 

On their first day, May said they hosted a free class of Tabata by the 1Touch Ministry and a lot of people turned up for that. 

“We’ve also got good feedback from the people who showed up and we are looking forward to seeing more people coming in to use our facilities.”

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