The leaders Samoa chooses

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Dear Editor,

Re: Remittances and generosity keeping the economy afloat 

You’re asking the right question’s bro. The answer is, the government is not creating an economy for the people, they’re creating a living environment for themselves because only them and a few C.E.O’s and A.C.E.O’s are living in the land of the promise. Everyone else is feeling the pinch of high cost of living, transportation, education and everything else.

I just got a text from my sister living in Magiagi that the school fees has just gone up 100% from last term. From $25 a term per kid to $50 per term. She has 4 kids and struggling to figure out how to pay for this term’s school fees. 

I told her not to vote for their MP again this coming election and that will send a strong message to the politicians about ‘people’s power’ and the way they’re handling the affair’s of the state. 

She said something that perhaps funny and annoying to the core being of the democracy state we call home. She said that the whole village is united on electing this person with H.R.P.P back to parliament and anyone against it will be heavily fined by the village or something more serious.

Now why is this allowed to continue in Samoa, in our Constitution we are supposed to be democracy? The government is turning a blind eye on these dealings because it’s their faipules that are being voted back in through the system.

The very spine of the Samoan culture, the Matai system, is corrupt to the soul.

We’ve just calm down a little from the heated exchange with the Police Commissioner’s analogy of the matai system likened to military justice and every stupid matai came on to the defense of our culture and the matai system. 

I had my share of saying, personally pointing out that MP from Leulumoega that I used to work with in Polynesian Airlines. 

Now the same matai system is taking away the very identity of humanity, the person’s right to choose and the government is turning a blind eye on it. This has being going on from election after election. 

Border’s have being changed, constituencies have being re-defined, laws been amend a dozen times and yet nothing’s being done about villages namely the matai fono imposing a mandatory and unison call on who they prefer to run for Parliament and putting and unspoken thread on whoever’s got a conscience to vote otherwise. Isn’t the Commissioner right? This is worse of. Nobody, no-one, the matai system can be accounted to.

Now back to our discussion, you’ve quoted JFK’s famous challenge to his people, for the people and of the people, to add old Abe into the conversation. I say, ‘don’t cast you’re pearl’s to the swine, for they don’t know what to do with it,’ to add our famous carpenter’s saying of wise.

I often wondered if God hates us Samoans for giving us the leaders we have, because it is a curse to live in a ship steered by the blind. 

I answered myself in the second thought. God doesn’t hate us; he hates the demons that are in us, in the leaders we choose, that have caused us to go blind.



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