Cycle of false security

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Dear Editor,

Re: Outcomes up to the people: PM

How can the children look after their parents if those same children do not have the means/skills to do so? 

Parents sending out their young children into the streets to hustle up income is not the way. 

Education is extremely important and necessary in order for one to better their lives producing marketable and competitive individuals in the job market. 

Why can't the Samoan government make it illegal for children to be out on the streets hustling when they're supposed to be in school learning? 

It appears the current status quo perpetuates itself and reinforces families to stay poor both economically and educationally. 

It seems to be a never-ending cycle of a false sense of security. 

As a leader, I don't think you're supposed to base decisions on personal emotions (loving) but rather wisdom and integrity when proposing or making decisions for the people of Samoa which are conducive, necessary and good for the people of Samoa. Just my luasene...


Annabelle M.

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