Interesting thoughts on poverty

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Dear Editor,

Re: Candidate expands on theories about poverty

This lady is more dangerous than Stui but I think she will get through to Parliament anyways because village female representatives have just been getting pay rises. 

A smile like that and her fortitude to call her people/my people “lazy, uneducated” can be very admirable and she seemed to have a plan though on how to tackle social issues and that’s a fresh take on things.

I will agree totally with her on her take on “interdependence” as a contributing factor to poverty. 

But the idea though of everyone should farm and everyone should fish to help eliminate poverty is not the way forward because you can’t eat fish everyday or go fishing every day. There are school fees bus fares electricity bills soap washing powder mea fa’alelotu etc to contend with which requires money. 

If the majority of the population are farmers and fishermen, who will buy things from the people so that people can have money for daily necessities? 

This is why you can’t run a modern economy with the majority of the populations living subsistence lifestyles. You need a lot of paying jobs to help people with modern living. 

Interdependence as well on foreign loans by government means that the government will take a junk out of the economy to service foreign loans thus creating a shortfall in government funds. 

There are government employees mismanaging and misappropriating funds eg, O.P.C debacle with close to $3 million of public money unaccounted for, that money could have been used in the education sector or perhaps be used in the health sector to buy equipment. 

But don’t worry foreign aid and remittances will balance things out. So here is a great example of “interdependence” the government relies heavily on “foreign loans”, “foreign aid and assistances” and as a consequence of that bad management behaviour the people rely heavily on Remittances to pay for daily necessities but not everyone can get money from overseas. 

It is natural for our people to look after our families and that is not interdependence, that is our sacred duty to our families and remittances should not be blamed or singled out as a contributing factor to poverty. 

We live in a modern country, in a modern era it is the government’s responsibility to improve living standards and improve social issues in the communities by creating policies that can improve living standards it is the only way to reduce poverty.



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