Where’s the flour S.R.O.S? Or your other so-called products?

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Dear Editor,

Re: Chief Executive sets record straight

What an explanation from the C.E.O. of S.R.O.S in your Sunday Samoan. 

So who is correct you Dr. Tauati or your honourable Minister? 

Well anyway privatize, commercialise or whatever, the facts are raw; I have not seen any fruits from S.R.O.S ever since you established your organization.

I have not even seen any flour made from Samoa by S.R.O.S or avocado oil as your organization has been established for a decade or so. 

I have travelled out of Samoa to many different places in the world and I have not even seen any flour or oil from here. 

So what is your next explanation now? 

I hope you don’t just jump up and down when you see some complaining coming from the people of Samoa.

This is taxpayer’s money for your information. Full stop. 

Anyway if you can explain to the public where our flour and oil is exported and how much money we get from that, I will appreciative it. 

Ma lou fa’aaloalo lava.  



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