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Year 6 students at Letogo Primary School learning what pets need in order to be healthy and happy

Year 6 students at Letogo Primary School learning what pets need in order to be healthy and happy

APS would like to thank the many sponsors who participated and who donated their services, time and funds at the Karaoke fundraiser evening last Thursday at RendezVous Restaurant. Our goal was to raise $5000 towards the cost of running the vet clinic, including purchasing vet drugs and supplies, and we are happy to say that we exceeded our goal - faa’afetai lava!

New veterinary doctor at APS clinic

APS is thrilled to welcome our new vet volunteer Annaliese Johnson to Samoa and to the APS clinic.  Annaliese is a veterinary doctor from Brisbane, Australia who will be working with APS over the next 2 months.  Annaliese is volunteering her time and skills to APS and is very excited to be in Samoa. 

For the whole month of July, APS is reducing de-sexing fees by 50%, and offering discounts on worm, tick and flea medicine.

De-sexing fees in July at APS clinic:

Cats – male/female $20

Male dog $25

Female dog $30

Call us at 22403 to make an appointment


RSPCA workers visit local schools to teach about caring for companion animals

Sally and Emily, two enthusiastic education specialists from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Victoria, Australia) came to Samoa a few weeks ago to assist APS.  During a busy and fun week, they worked with us to educate Samoan children and young people about providing proper care for pets and domestic animals. 

Sally and Emily, along with local APS officer Setu, visited many local schools and talked to over 350 students about the best ways to provide humane care to our companion animals.  Everyone got to meet Freedom the Education dog (a very life-like toy) who helped students understand that animals have feelings and needs just like people. Students learnt that for pets to be happy and healthy, they need proper food, clean water, shelter from the sun and rain, friends to play with, medical vet care when they are sick, and vaccinations against disease.

Children also learnt how to behave around dogs in different situations, to prevent accidents and injuries. Through games and activities, students were taught how to safely interact with dogs. In particular, students learnt how to read dog behaviours and dog language, helping them to keep safe and feel confident around dogs. As a fun way to reinforce this important message, everyone was taught a song called ‘I Speak doggie’ in both Samoan and English, which will be easily remembered long after our visit:

YouTube clip:

What dogs like I understand, Understand, Understand

What dogs like I understand, Cos I speak doggie

I hug friends, I don’t hug dogs, Don’t hug dogs, Don’t hug dogs 

I hug friends, I don’t hug dogs, Cos I speak doggie

I pat with one hand neck to tail, Neck to tail, Neck to tail 

I pat with one hand neck to tail, Cos I speak doggie

When he eats I walk away, I walk away, I walk away 

When he sleeps I walk away, Cos I speak doggie

When I’m scared I freeze like this, Freeze like this, Freeze like this 

When I’m scared I freeze like this, Cos I speak doggie

The RSPCA Victoria has been a valuable partner over the last four years, donating all the educational materials that APS uses for school visits, and providing our local staff with ongoing tools and training. Using these, we work together to ensure the program is educationally relevant for schools, and has useful outcomes for the students (and animals) of Samoa.If you would like APS to teach one of our classes at your school, please call us at 22403 to arrange a FREE visit.

Animal Protection Society says goodbye to vet Andy Postle and his wife Jo.

Many of you have had the chance to meet Andy Postles and his wife Jo.  They arrived on our beautiful island 2.5 years ago to volunteer their time, extensive experience and skills at the APS clinic at Vailima, through the kind assistance of Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA).  Andy is a retired veterinary doctor from New Zealand, and while here, worked tirelessly to help the animals of Samoa, from performing de-sexing surgeries, to healing broken bones, to performing life-saving surgeries, to administrating humane euthanasia to animals hurt or sick beyond saving.  

Andy’s wife Jo, a retired school teacher, was also very active at APS, donating her time and patience to ensure the clinic activities ran smoothly. She was the writer for the Sunday Howler articles and was instrumental in managing the APS Facebook page

APS would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Andy and Jo for all they have done for APS, and we wish them all the best in their future adventures.


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