The problem with Samoa today

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Dear Editor,

A Dictator can do anything. It’s not about Honesty and Integrity. 

It’s all about ‘POWER’, we see them and their handy work everywhere in the world, Dictators like Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong-un are still haunting their countrymen and women. 

The leadership of Samoa is doing the same thing by enslaving the younger generations to a lifetime of debts and the continuous manipulations of the system to get what they want. 

However there’s no sign of third world poverty because children and families overseas are looking after their families in Samoa - REMITTANCES!!! 

They are probably getting ready to go to Church, well reality check folks. You don’t ‘deliberately’ prostitute yourself and gain unfair advantages then go and ask for forgiveness - it’s downright immoral. 

You’re not serving the LORD, you’re appeasing the devil but you’re a Christian. There’s a difference between Honesty and Corruption, when you deliberately corrupted yourself, it means that you are not strong enough psychologically to resist greed.


Le Mafa P.

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