‘At the plantation, I’m my own boss’

By Ulimasao Fata ,

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FULL TIME FARMER: Koneferenisi Fa’alili on his way to his plantation.

FULL TIME FARMER: Koneferenisi Fa’alili on his way to his plantation.

When it’s done well, you will never need a regular job if you are passionate about the plantation.

This is the belief of a young man Koneferenisi Fa’alili, aged 19, from Leusoali’i. 

Mr. Fa’alili said no one works in his family but they are surviving thanks to their plantation.

Mr. Fa’alili is a full time farmer.

“The plantation is the only way that provides for me and my family through food as well as money because we also sell our crops,” he said.

“This is my full-time job at the moment since I left school and I am enjoying the work here at the plantation. One thing I enjoy most about my job here in the plantation is that I am my own boss, so I come anytime I want and leave whenever I feel tired.

“The only thing that I am not the boss of here in the plantation is the money I get after selling my crops, because that money will go straight to my parents.”

Mr. Fa’alili was on his way to his plantation yesterday morning when the Village Voice caught up with him.   “The standard of life we have today is really tough and the opportunities are also not enough for most people,” he said.

“I didn’t do well in school but manual work was something I was really good at and I think that is why I enjoy this job as well.

“I think for now here in Samoa if we don’t work or we don’t have a plantation we will suffer, because prices of things are all going up.”

Mr. Fa’alili also added that he would look for a job if there was someone to take over at the plantation.

“There are only three people in our family, my parents and then me. I would really want to go look for a job but then my dad is not feeling well enough to come up  to the plantation for work.

“So there is no one to come here and that is why I have to stick to the work here for now to support my family.”

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