Young man wants to work to give back to family

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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James Ata working the land.

James Ata working the land.

Finding paid work is a key step to addressing the challenges of today.

So says James Ata from Leusoalii who is looking for work. 

The 20-year-old is searching for any job someone can offer him so he can contribute to the development of his family.

There are five people working in his family.

And having recently graduated from Leifiifi College, he also wants to help out.

“Both my parents are employed including my other three siblings and with their pay, it brings stability to my family,” he said. 

“It keeps our family moving forward despite how costly life has become.

“I want to join in and help them in the same way instead of staying home not doing anything. 

“Being of good use to my family is rewarding.”

Mr. Ata believes that the cost of living has blown the budget of most people which is the reason most of the citizens of Samoa are struggling.

But having a job makes a huge difference, he said.

The Village Voice team found Mr. Ata at his plantation working the land together with his younger siblings.

He shared that regardless of being unemployed, he chooses to work the land to feed his family on a daily basis.

He said he does not sell all of the crops because there is not much to be made from them. There is only enough to feed his family.

For anyone who is willing to help James Ata, he can be contacted on 7737292.

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