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‘SAMOA- THE HEART OF THE PACIFIC’: Janusz Kowalski feeling the love, happiness and relaxation with his wife Vicky.

‘SAMOA- THE HEART OF THE PACIFIC’: Janusz Kowalski feeling the love, happiness and relaxation with his wife Vicky. (Photo: Misiona Simo)

Janusz Kowalski‘s Samoan experience has left him relaxed, buzzing with happiness and love.

The 59-year-old from Sydney Australia, who is in country with his wife, Vicky, believes that the heart of the Pacific is the place for love, romance and happiness.

The feelings are so strong on these shores they are contagious when you touch down in Samoa.

Since they arrived, he said they have been amazed by the natural beauty of Samoa. From beaches to waterfalls to the lush forest, everywhere you look is a picture.

Among his favourite spots are the To Sua Ocean Trench and the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum.

“This is the furthest that we have ever travelled in the Pacific. I really enjoyed the museum it was very impressive. We took so many photos to remember this trip,” he said.

He shared that he will definitely come back since he is still not done discovering more about Samoa.

They also had the chance to visit the big island of Savai’i, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Being around the island and interacting with the people had an effect on them. 

They were amazed at the passion people had for the Samoan culture.

Janusz is originally from Poland but he moved to Australia. Being in Samoa is another world away.

“The culture and the respect people have for the other is just so strong. The people are very lovely and friendly and Pacific island cultures are just beautiful. The other thing is the music, it is just beautiful cultural music,” he added.

The excitement for them does not end there.

They have visited the Mulivai Catholic Cathedral which they found spectacular.

They observed and pinpointed that there are so many churches in Samoa which to them is a reflection of the people and what they believe in.

“It’s awesome.”

After witnessing so many sites in Samoa, Janusz said that he will definitely be back once again with his wife. They will be leaving Samoa today to head back home.

They were staying at the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel.

“We had a lovely time; we tried out both of the Sheratons. The Sheraton that is in town and the other one which is located close to the airport. After four nights in town then we moved to Sheraton at Mulifanua. They are impressive.”

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