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Dear Editor,

Re: Associate Minister makes call for climate refugees

This whole notion of accepting people from other islands to come to Samoa as climate refugees is an “Agenda 21” idea concocted by the UN Protocol.

Samoa is a “poster child” of the UN agenda. Why do we need all those UN agencies over here? They introduce so many unnecessary programmes that take away the power from the village matais to police themselves.

If you look at how the world works right now it’s not the norm anymore. We are under a ONE WORLD ORDER. We might have our own government but they are not in charge anymore hence we are controlled by the UN. 

The PM is just a puppet, he answers to his masters. That’s why he talks with no respect to other people that critique him.

The signing of the Climate Change Treaty in Paris last year sealed the deal. Every human that walks the earth, breathes air which is our divine right given to us by the Almighty will be subject to a carbon foot print tax.

Even if you cut emissions to zero, nothing will change. The earth is going through a cleansing process.

We just went through what we call the Precession of the equinox. Every 2160 years we go through these cycles. It’s also called the Platonic Year.

That’s why the Bible talks about the end days.

People took it literally that the world will end. But it’s not the case, it’s the end of the Piscean age. Now we’re in the Aquarian age. You might consider going back to get a refund from your Pastors by invoking these truths. I don’t want to delve deep into the subject matter but I urge you my beloved Samoans to think outside of the box.

Our culture is an inclusive culture; there are no foreigners amongst us. 

We always extend our love to anyone that comes to Samoa.

But at the same time we have to consider our own interests as well.

Peace and love to you my beloved brothers and sisters.


Leituala T.B

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