Man needs help with water tank

By Aruna Lolani ,

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ASKING FOR HELP: Faaiu Setali Saulo from Leulumoega, Afega and Salamumu.

ASKING FOR HELP: Faaiu Setali Saulo from Leulumoega, Afega and Salamumu. (Photo: Aruna Lolani)

Water is a basic necessity.

For some people like Faaiu Setali Saulo, he would do anything to have reliable running water.

The 34-year-old is from Leulumoega.

According to Faaiu, the rainy season is always a blessed time for him and his family for they get to store as much water as they can.

“But looking at this season we are in now, it seems like it’s going to be sunny for a long time,” said Faaiu.

“And what we usually do when it’s like that, we fetch water from the Mormon Church down at the inner area.”

“While we stay all the way at the other side of the village, my children and I try to make an effort to get water when we can because it’s a basic need.”

Faaiu said he’s one of the many people that grew up in the village and he has been staying there for as long as he could remember.

“Just like other families on our side, we don’t have access to water because the government’s water cannot reach us.”

“It’s a struggle to get water to be honest and it’s because we have to pay for a car to deliver our water to our home.”

“We’re already a poor family and we have to spend money that we don’t usually have to pay for these things. That is why I want to humbly ask for help; we need a water tank to store water.”

“The only water tank we have is just a small one and we finish water before we know it so we always have to get water.”

“Another thing, my kids are currently staying at Salamumu with one of our families because of the water situation here. They go to school there and they only come when they’re off school.”

“So we really need help please.”

If you want to help out Faaiu Setali Saulo with a water tank, please contact him on phone number, 7244997.

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