Prison failure is blatantly disgusting

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Dear Editor,

Re: Court blasts Prison 

This is blatantly disgusting.

And so the Hon. Justice should feel furious as I am baffled how this dipstick convict was ever afforded unto the weekend privilege after he had committed murder.

Who, as Prison Commissioner, in his or her decent human conscious would release a murderer after serving a mere 3 years of sentence in jail then send home on weekend?

And worst, committed another crime while on the loose.

This is invidious and criminally insane (if not illegal) for the Prison Commissioner to allow this lowlife to go home on the weekend.

It’s a pathetic joke and the Prison Commissioner deserves an instant dismissal.

I expect him to protect Samoa from lowlife scumbags such as this criminal.

My P.M. friend should take a good look at this one step forward ten backwards example I need change from the past.

I need more Fui’availili Egon Keil honest approach to help make me feel secured walking along Beach Road 24/7.


Tofaeono Joe Hollywood 

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