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Re: Thanks for the lessons learnt

You should have heard the P.M. on TV tonight dismissing and calling all the people stupid and comparing them to the smart cabinet ministers, huh, If they disagree with him on whether customary lands can be alienated under the L.T.R.A. 2008.

According to the genius of Samoa the difference between Samoa and Hawaiians, and Maoris and Aboriginese is that Samoa is ruled by Samoans and the others were ruled by foreigners? He fails to understand that it was when these people lost their lands that they became ruled by foreigners. 

Does he think the people of these lands just said to foreigners ok you can become our leaders? No they did not. First the people lost their lands to foreign invaders, today’s investors, then they lost their autonomy, dignity and hope.

They often lost their land because bad chiefs thought they were so smart they could make personal deals with the foreigners to save their own skin while they sold their people out. Does this remind us of anyone in particular?

The jury is still out on who is really the most stupid, the government and ilk endorsing the L.T.R.A. 2008 or those who want it repealed. What is that saying, “make sure you know history or it may just repeat itself”.


Wendy Wonder

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