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Re: P.M. blasts family planning again 

I actually understand where the Prime Minister is coming from, in regards to the slow decline in the population. 

Majority of my generation do prioritize our career rather then starting families, and please do not be deluded because it’s due to the high cost of living. 

It’s for our own selfish reasoning, we want to climb the ladder too, not for our families, though we love to use them as a heart felt reasoning to people so we can cover up, that we’re actually just wanting to be better then our other fellow class mates, to beat them at attaining high positions in government and private sector and traveling to places. For us, high school never ended. And besides, if we recall the Malaysian airlines incident where a few of those passengers who were lost, were actually Chinese, and were a product of the one child policy that China implemented. 

When they passed, it was their parents who mourned them and sadly they can no longer have children due to their old age.

So, as one of the individuals that the P.M. is referring to within this article, I am not at all offended, because all I read is a concerned parent who is just expressing their concerns for my generation’s future.


Telesia Niumata 

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