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Dear Editor,

Re: Trump ban doesn’t affect Australia passport holders

This article illustrates exactly what is wrong with today’s society. They don’t invest the time to read the full context of the order. 

The media will use an outlandish word as a title to make people click on their site. 

Most millennial will look at the title without reading the full article. Sometime, the medial leaves out the full context of the bill and only report parts of the bill they don’t support.

According to the “Immigration temporary ban”, it will only impact several middle east countries. Countries known to harbor terrorists, and those who want to attack western civilizations. 

All other countries are welcome, but they must enter the U.S through the immigration process. There is no harm in enforcing the immigration law. As I mentioned on several of my postings here, each country has the right to create, and enforce its own laws.


T. Leone

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