A simple problem to fix

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Dear Editor,

Again, for the uncountable(th) time, we wake up to no water.  

The main feed in Tulaele has again burst.  Each time it is repaired by the long-suffering employees digging in VIRTUALLY the same spot!  

They replace the broken section with a piece of PVC pipe that has been issued to them.   

This may not be enough to carry what seems to be an excess of water pressure, especially when it’s always in the same spot.  

Whatever the cause of this ongoing pipe bursting, why not replace the whole section?  

Consider the waste of water, the cost of doing the repairs, the damage to the road on each occasion where the excavator digs down to the pipe.  

Never mind the inconvenience to the people who can’t use the toilet, wash their dishes or have a shower. 

But who cares!


Charlie Mansfield

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