Notorious convicts appear in court

By Pai Mulitalo Ale ,

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BACK BEFORE THE COURTS: Faigame Vaitoelau and Lauititi Tualima.

BACK BEFORE THE COURTS: Faigame Vaitoelau and Lauititi Tualima.

The two most dangerous prisoners who were on the run in November 2015, appeared in the Supreme Court yesterday before His Honour the Chief Justice Patu Tiava’asue Falefatu Sapolu. 

The two were caught at the beginning of December 2015 and have been held in strict custody. 

Faigame Vaitoelau and Lauititi Tualima are facing 16 charges including burglary and theft, being armed with dangerous weapons, breaking and entering, robbery and being in the possession of narcotics. 

Vaitoelau pleaded guilty to all the 16 charges while Tualima pleaded guilty to all the charges except one charge of possession of narcotics.

The drugs were found on them at the Police station on the 2 December when they were caught by police. 

Vaitoelau is a 32 year old male serving time in prison for rape and other offences similar to the new charges he is now facing. 

He will be sentenced on the 29th February  on all the 16 charges he pleaded guilty to. 

Lauititi’s sentencing on the charge he pleaded not guilty to, has been adjourned until August. 

Before the two accused walked away from the bar, Lauititi asked the court if his matter could be called together with Vaitoelau’s case. 

Lauititi hadn’t finished speaking but Vaitoelau interrupted and told the court that while his co-partner pleaded not guilty to one charge, he is sure that he will be the witness to his case. 

The Honorable Chief Justice did not reply and asked the police officers to remove the prisoners immediately. 

Lauititi and Vaitoelau are serving time at Tafaigata Prison, and are both considered dangerous to the public.

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