Samoa, we will definitely be back

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi ,

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FIRST TIME AND LOVING IT: Paulo, Angela and young Zane cant wait to come back  to Beautiful Samoa.

FIRST TIME AND LOVING IT: Paulo, Angela and young Zane cant wait to come back to Beautiful Samoa.

Angela and Paulo of Auckland New Zealand were at the Savalalo markets buying their lavalavas to commemorate their time in Samoa when Dear Tourist caught up with them and their young son, Zane. 

Paulo pointed out that his lavalava said “beautiful Samoa” and according to him, it’s because it’s true.

“I’m from Niue and it’s my first time here and I love your country,” said Paulo.

“We went out into the countryside and it’s just beautiful. In the days that I’ve been here I just love your country. Oh it’s just the scenery. The different plants you got growing around the houses. In Niue we are a coral island that’s why they call it the rock so it’s really hard to grow all these kinds of plants and flowers. But your island… first time here…I love it.”

The family said they had just returned from Manono Island yesterday and they were blown away by its untouched beauty. 

“Oh it was beautiful. So beautiful, the water was just amazing. We had the fruit and the papayas were just delicious. Our son Zane absolutely enjoyed being on the boat. There were some locals on the boat who were seasick but Zane was having a great time!”

 The family was staying at the Taumeasina which they enjoyed very much.

“We absolutely love the Taumeasina resort, it’s gorgeous,” said Angela. 

“They have a beautiful pool and beautiful service as well. Our son Zane enjoyed the babysitter because he doesn’t normally get babysat at home and the babysitter just told us to go and Zane was just so happy with him.”

Paul agreed: “Beautiful friendly locals, well looked after and the staff go out of their way to help you – nothing’s too hard for them.”

As first timers to Samoa, the young family told Dear Tourist that Samoa left a huge impression on them compared with other Pacific experiences.

“I think it’s just the whole island itself, it’s just gorgeous and it’s beautiful,” said Angela. 

“I love the culture and the people. We learnt a lot on the tours that we took especially about village life and the structure.”

“As soon as we got here, all were welcoming, especially the locals with their smiles,” said Paulo. 

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