An off-season N.R.L. tourney

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Re: It’s a farce 

It is a glorified N.R.L off-season tournament. Most of those teams are made up completely of Australian or New Zealand-based players. 

Lebanon is the biggest joke team of all. 

Have any of those “Lebanese” players even set foot in Lebanon? 

The country wouldn’t even know there is a league World Cup going on. 

At least with the island teams there are some players there that were actually born in PNG, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.

However, Rugby has gone to the other extreme. 

Bundee Ah Ki is now playing for Ireland - a country he has absolutely no ethnic or cultural connection with. 

What a complete farce that is. 

Good for Bundee and his family but what we have now are European teams simply buying up mercenaries from around the world under the “3 year stand-down” rule. 

That is just as bad as the NRL’s pretend World Cup.


PS Jeffrey

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