Young man wants to sail around the world

By Aruna Lolani ,

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SANELE THE SAILOR: Sanele Siloto from Tiapapata and Tufulele.

SANELE THE SAILOR: Sanele Siloto from Tiapapata and Tufulele.

Like most young people, Sanele Siloto, has dreams.

For the 21-year-old from the villages of Tiapapata and Tufulele, he wants to travel the world as a sailor.

 “I was a student of the Samoa Shipping Corporation’s Maritime Academy at Mulinuu,” he said.

“I graduated last year and now I’m just waiting for a call; you know on which ship I get to work for.”

Sanele’s family consists of his parents and four siblings.

“My father is the only one that works; so he’s the one we always turn to when we need money for something.

“That’s why I’ve studied so hard in school so I can achieve my dreams and finally be in a place that I can help out my family especially my father. 

“I’m ready to go the distance and make a living of my own.

He added “Life is hard because the cost of living is expensive and I know that’s why people have to struggle. We all know that nothing good comes easy. 

“I mean I saw how my family struggles and I saw that they need help in many things but we can’t move up the ladder if my father is the only one who’s sweating to provide for us. 

“I really want to become a sailor and honestly at this time, I can already picture what I would do for my family once I become successful.

“And honestly, I want to build them a new home and I’m praying everyday just so this dream of mine can come true.

“We can be smart and dream big but if we don’t let God lead the way, we would always end up where we started right?

“Right now, while waiting patiently, I try to learn everything that I can from my parents before I go out there.

“Chasing after a dream is not easy but I have to because it’s not only for my own good but for my family as well.”

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