Let’s have an independent inquiry instead

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Dear Editor 

Is the government of the Prime Minister of Samoa free from corruption?

Can the Prime Minister of Samoa do whatever he wants whenever he pleases?

Are all government departments in Samoa free from corruption?

Can the head of departments do whatever they want whenever they feel like it?

How do we know or not know that there is corruption in Samoa?

Do we need an inquiry? Why do we need an inquiry?

Inquiry means the seeking of the truth about something.

An “Open Inquiry” means the truth is exposed or not hidden from everyone in Samoa to observe.

An Open investigation can still be influenced and altered by the 

Prime Minister. Open inquiries lead us nowhere because it can still be influenced from the outsider. An independent (Inquiry) is free of or removed from the Prime Minister’s authority.

Independent inquiries can lead us to the truth we are seeking.


Siaosi Siomia

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