It’s not their land

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Dear Editor,

Re: Sogi case 

If they are paying weekly rent there on that piece of land (which they have been).... newsflash ain’t their land. It is leased land and we all know what leases mean. Leases, even if they last 50-100 years, are still only a lease.

Alternately they could move to Falelauniu, where there are more fertile soils to grow a plantation, where the parcels of land are much bigger than Sogi and where there are no swamps which bring in the floods during the rainy season.. That land will not be a lease. 

That land would be theirs forever as freehold land (once they pay off the cost within 30 years).

Then that piece of land can be used to mortgage (because it is freehold) to build and to finance the growth of the next generations of their families into the next 100 years. 

Furthermore, as urbanisation continues, the value of Falelauniu as urban land will only go up.



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