Privatise the service?

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Dear Editor,

Re: Who, what and why is this?

My heart goes to Tagi Fatu Nutimomoia for the loss of his loved one. 

Few things I just like to ask. 

1. What was the security guard doing in an ambulance?

2. Aren’t everybody who is assigned or works for ambulances including drivers supposed to be certified first aiders?

3. Why wasn’t a doctor or a nurse with the ambulance?

4. Was the message clearly received by the ambulance unit?

This is one area that really needs to be upgraded into a highly professional unit in order to save lives. 

These questions can help to build a better service for our ambulance unit. 

“E le aoaia e le matapia le manaia”, but it’s a shame to see things like this are happening to our people. 

C’mon, we are not a third world country anymore......the last thing I would like to see is a complaint because another N.G.O. or a private company is stepping in to take over the ambulance services.



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