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Guess what?!  

We’ve come to the end of the first month of the New Year, 2016, and are starting on the second!  How amazing is that!

When I think back to the beginning of the first month of the year, one thing everyone usually does at that time is set goals, guidelines, resolutions, or whatever you want to call it.  Looking back to the beginning of the month, when you set your goals, how do you feel now on your start to change?  Is it going well?  Are you struggling to adapt to your new decisions in life? Or are you simply lost on how to see your goals through?

Well here is an easy way to figure out a solution.  First I would suggest you’d take a deep meaningful breath, then secondly I would tell you to just close your eyes and rest for as long as you feel you need to so you can think clearer, afterwards I would give you the third step which is to remember the reason or reasons why you chose your specific goals, moving on to number four I’d tell you that if we want something changed or something done in your life then you have more than enough will power to make it possible, and finally fifth, I’d tell you are ready to work.  There you are!  Five steps to help you complete your goals.

Writing a column based on goals, it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share mine for this year, so I took the best and most meaningful to me and put them in a sentence.  The sentence goes like this, “I strive to teach a little truer, speak a little sweeter, act a little more awesome, and be a little better.”  If each one isn’t clear enough and you don’t know what they mean, I’ll elaborate more on them.

The first of course is “teach a little truer.”  What I meant by this is that I want to be able to teach better, but not like how a teacher would but more like how a parent or a missionary would teach.  I want to teach through examples, I want to teach from the heart, I want to teach as if it were something natural, and that’s how I strive teach.

The second is “speak a little sweeter.”  I admit when I speak to my brother, family and friends, the words I say aren’t the ones that encourage and show love or support, and that’s something I want to change.  I believe that the words we say and express can have deeper meaning than we’d like to acknowledge so we should watch the words we say.  I want to speak as though it came from the mouth of a father, the mouth of an angel, the mouth of God; pure, loving, full of warmth and comfort.

The third is “act a little awesome.”  First I would like to talk a little about the word awesome.  The definition of the word started out as unfathomable, amazing, or incredible.  Now-a-days, the definition has shifted to involve the words cool or swag.  The definition of the word in my sentence is more like the original meaning.  I want to be someone that people look to and say, “WOW!  That’s an amazing person.”  That’s all I meant by that phrase.

And fourth is “Be a little better.”  This is the simplest phrase of all in my sentence.  It simply means that I want to improve the person I am so I can turn my weaknesses into strengths, so I can change the things I lack into what I am abundant in, and to be the best me I can be.

So those are my deepest and most personal goals I make every year.  The only thing left to do now is to act, so I can start crossing off one goal at a time until I have no more goals left.

These are my goals, what are yours?

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