Between the Lines

Tourism slogan 

All those white elephants the government has built over the years could possibly be turned into a tourism idea. 

What about a campaign to attract tourists to the land of the “white elephants”?

We sure have plenty of them in Upolu and Savai’i.

And with the multi-million-tala airport being built, that might be another one – unless they can secure enough flights to sustain its expensive upkeep.

No thanks A.T.M

Imagine that you’re in the middle of a transaction when the A.T.M machine dies on you?

What’s worse is that when it comes back on, it has swallowed your card leaving you in limbo. No card, no cash.

That’s what happened to a friend of BTL on Sunday.

To make things worse, when he  asked the security officer at the ATM for a number to call, he didn't know a thing.

So who said these machines were designed for convenience? 

I think not. Shame.

Photo on skype

When an old man was asked for an interview to be featured on the Village Voice, the joy on his face was priceless. People without voices are finally given a voice.

Asked for a photo, he calls out to a friend on the road: “Lui lea la’a pu’e lo’u ata e ave luga le skype ma le facebook.” (Lui we are taking photos to put on skype and facebook).

Priceless. Enough to brighten anyone’s day. 


When this newspaper features stories of families who are struggling on fertile land, people overseas say to plant crops. That’s understandable.

The newspaper then shows a struggling family living on lava field and they say to go to the ocean and get fish. Ok.

A family is then featured living on swamp land making a living from the ocean and the overseas crowd says they’re just lazy. What? Seriously?

Oh let me add that the poor family uses the little they earn to put their children through school.

Ok so some people overseas are very judgmental, we get that. But have you ever stopped to think why your family decided to migrate overseas in the first place? 

You just inherited that life and now you sit on a pedestal calling others lazy? 

Your parents migrated because life in Samoa isn’t so easy.

The funny part of it all is that those crying laziness on Facebook are on the overweight side of things. Hypocrisy? Of course.

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