Dumb decision from one party Government

Dear Editor

Re: Govt.’s decision ‘dictatorial,’ ‘backward step for tourism’


Another dumb decision by Samoa’s One-party Government. 

When a government has too much power and no knowledge about market economy then very poor or dumb decisions will be made.

Samoa government spent $millions of Talas to upgrade Faleolo Airport and for what? So that one airplane can land there a day!!! 


I have just checked airline arrivals online and Faleolo Airport has on average 9 arrivals a day. If Samoa government removes Virgin Australia then Samoa only receives 7 international arrivals a day. Each plane carries about 100-120 passengers and if each passenger has $5000 to spend so that means Samoa is missing out on $1,000,000 (A million tala) a week in spending cash.

Now let’s compare this dumb government’s decision with smart Fiji.

Fiji has 45 international arrivals a day. That means Fiji is making millions and millions of $ every week while Samoa makes only thousands of Talas a week.

So then where does Samoa government decide to get their money from? Yes from the innocent citizens of Samoa going to church to donate the small amount of tala they make from scraping the earth.

The sooner Samoa wakes up; the wealthier Samoa will become.


Siaosi Siomia

Samoa Observer

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