Why the Auditor General has failed

Dear Editor,

Auditor General Fuimaono Camillo has failed the Audit exam for handing in his answer papers years too late.

The purpose of the Audit is to check the performance of the government against International Standards EACH YEAR.

By releasing reports, which must be released by law each year, only after public complaint and in batches, the baby-faced Chief Auditor has already failed. 

They are released one at a time so that they may be checked and the public may see whether the H.R.P.P government is doing a good job. 

Releasing them all at once creates a pressured situation where there is no time for Parliament to read them or for any sensible discussion.

Unless an independent audit takes place, rather than having a family member run his eye over the books and give a resounding, “Cowabunga”, there can be no confidence in the figures released and so the reported profits may in fact be small compared to actual profits.

Your argument is an attempt to distract by referring to bodily functions for humour and ignoring the reality of gross corruption at every level of government.

For many years now the Human Rights Protection Party has repeated this short poem at every occasion:

The B.S. Rhyme

Transparency, accountability and good governance.

Yet we criticize the H.R.P.P because it believes the end justifies the means, no matter who gets hurt, what lies have to be told, no independent auditing of public finances, unconstitutional laws, ignoring the Constitution - exclusion clauses, while ripping off the Aiga- - dirty underhand dealings and bullying of the public, cowardly bowing down to foreigners to beg for money, propaganda while controlling the media, special health care for themselves while neglecting and therefore killing off the Aiga with bad health care. That’s why they must go- why government needs to be cleaned out - they are parasites killing and corrupting our nation.

Apart from their own children the H.R.P.P don’t care one bit for the children of Samoa. After all why nurture those others who might challenge their power one day. Denying other families resources and therefore starving them, poor health care to kill off and poor education to handicap them makes more sense.

Our forefathers would be so ashamed of the cowards and cannibals who run Samoa.

PS: Don’t forget S.I.F.A and its public money pouring a billion plus into the pockets of the damned behind the peoples’ backs.


Maua Faleauto

[email protected]

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