Non believer

Dear Editor

Re: Samoa Airways $4.8b insurance cover revealed

You know how con artists prey on their victims, they use their wives, kids and family as selling points. I hope this is not what Seiuli is trying to do here.

Seiuli, there are no points bringing your family into the picture, if you are a good and smart CEO, let the Samoa Airways speak for itself. Prove us the poor public wrong.

So since you mentioned the insurance policy, who is the Insurance Company? How much we are paying for the insurance premium? Where did the Samoa Airways opened their “business line of credit? At a Chinese bank? Maybe O.L.P can find that out for us the public.

I hope this is not a “fake” insurance certificate like the S.L.C. Liuga fiasco with the building at Tuanaimako.

Since this is a “wet lease” by the Samoa Airways, how are you going to make money? It will probably take several full flights to pay for the monthly lease.

Seiuli, you stated, “If you are truly a Samoa Airways patriot please don’t bother asking for credit.” What the hell is that? You are saying you can only give credits to “non-patriot” people. So here is the problem already, the CEO is already talking about credits, and we all know that Stui and his cronies, HRPP members and MP, Seiuli and his cronies will all probably fly for free, free upgrades, etc. 

It is just like our AG posting on Facebook bragging about his “free” seat upgrade to Australia, It’s just like how the govt people are abusing the govt vehicles, and they don’t pay any duty taxes at customs, etc.

Seiuli stated, “Like our Manu Samoa, Samoa Airways is about survival against all odds.”

Yes, you said it right Seiuli, it will not survive, because it is a bogus, business idea.



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