Father and son sell popcorn for living

By Aruna Lolani 19 June 2017, 12:00AM

Some people want cars, some want fancy homes while some want lots of money.

For Kugaga Sami from Malie, he just wants enough money so he can look after his family.

The 38-year-old father of two children caught up with the Village Voice team while he was selling popcorn at Moto’otua. 

“We don’t have anyone with a job and all we have is popcorn right here,” he said.

“I have two children, one is in school and my son Ivan right here will be attending school next week.” 

The cost of living is an issue.

 “I work very hard trying to make ends meet with what we have, but sometimes we literally don’t know what to do at all because I don’t have a job and my kids are too small to be working too.” 

Kukaga sells 100 popcorns every day. 

“This is our usual spot to sell popcorns and it’s quite a good place sometimes.

“I prefer it because I’ve seen a lot of people selling popcorns too in town areas even the market. 

“Every day my son and I pack 100 popcorns and come here around 6:30. “By evening about 30 or 40 are sold and the rest we take back home. The same routine continues every day. 

 “I’ve got no other option but to drag my son along because my wife is sick.”  

Kugaga depends on whatever they make from their popcorn sales to get by every day.

 “Without money we cannot get by because we need money for our every day needs.

“Sometimes it’s embarrassing to sit all day to try and sell a popcorn. People come and stare at me and my son for half an hour then go.” 

  But Kugaga has no choice.

 “I know the popcorn sales sometimes depend on how people feel sorry for us.

 “I used to work before as a bus driver while I was staying at my family in Lefaga. But when I moved here with my wife I couldn’t get the chance to be hired again.” 

Kukaga can be contacted on 7289192 if you are looking for a driver.

By Aruna Lolani 19 June 2017, 12:00AM

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