About President Donald Trump

Dear Editor,

Re: President Trump’s moves 

President Trump is an alleged sexual predator, has not paid his due business tax for years, a racist xenophobe who engages in racist politics, a climate-change denier despite most scientists (you know, the actual experts) in the world who confirm that climate change is real, and someone who suspiciously and steadfastly refuses to criticise Vladimir Putin - the authoritarian elected dictator of Russia, who has clamped down on media freedom and murdered political opponents. 

Beyond that, he only got his business “empire” from his daddy. 

He wasn’t a rags to riches story. His father worked hard. He got the inheritance.

As for China - the largest creditor that the US Government owes money to, they will hold onto those US treasury bonds because they have always held onto the US treasury bonds, They bought treasury bonds long before Trump came to power and long after Trump is either impeached, arrested, assassinated or leaves office.

China is the number one reason why the US debt to GDP ratio is 100%.

You seem to think that China will “lose” a trade war because US consumers are what is driving Chinese economic growth. US consumers certainly buy up large on Chinese products but you seem to forget that China also has consumers and other markets around the world - especially Europe.

Firstly, the Chinese domestic market is rapidly growing. Chinese middle class consumers number well over 350 million (and rising). There are more people in the Chinese middle class than the entire population of the United States.

These people have money and will drive domestic demand to heights not seen in the history of planet earth. In time, there will be one billion people with all the buying power that American consumers can only dream of. Secondly, Europe and the Middle East are massive markets for Chinese exports. There are 500 million people in the EU market alone.

And yeah, one day, China may well end up going “nuclear” on those treasury bonds. Trump needs to remember that his real daddy is not Vladimir Putin but Xi Jinping.


PS Jeffrey

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