Rush hour (Part 2)

Think a minute…Do you ever feel like you’re “living in the rat race” and the rats are winning? We feel like we do not have enough time each day to get everything done, so every hour is rush hour. Sadly, we suffer damaging consequences from our overly busy and rushed way of living.   

The first consequence is that our life becomes cluttered and confusing. We’re busy with so many different things that we have little pieces of our life spread out all over, instead of “having it together” with one clear purpose. We’re going in all directions with heaps of activity, but little productivity in what matters, so we do not have real satisfaction and peace.

Another result of our rushed way of life is it keeps us superficial in our understanding of what life is about, both in our personal relationships and in our character. People who live in a hurry want instant “microwave maturity.” But there is no such thing. It takes time to grow deep and strong as you learn how to truly live well and wisely. If we just skim through life on the surface we remain shallow, because we do not persevere and learn from the long tough times; so we never fully grow and mature in our character or in our relationships. 

The third kind of damage from our overly busy life is that it cripples and limits our ability to love others. Remember, love takes time, and time is one thing hurried people do not have. For example, each day when we finally come home from work, our spouse and children who need our love the most, often get it the least. They just get whatever is left over, because we have given most of it to our busy schedule, boss and coworkers. So at the end of each day we are either too tired or too interested in other things to give the best of our attention and love to the people most important in our life.  

Jesus accomplished more and had a greater impact on the world than any person in history—yet He was never too busy for anyone. It is actually because He spent His best time, energy and concern for people, that He was able to change so many lives. Won’t you ask Him to take charge of your daily schedule and way of living? He will not only fill you with His peace, but He will give you His power and purpose, so you can become truly productive and successful with your life. Just think a minute…  

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