Complain or change

Think a minute…A young woman named Cherie was telling about her childhood. Both her parents worked outside their home from the time she was a little girl. Her mother was an ambitious actress and only interested in her own career, so she spent very little time with her kids. Even when Cherie’s mother was not working, she was still away from home having fun socializing with her friends. 

Cherie and her brother were left alone every day, so they got into trouble at a young age. Their parents finally divorced and her dad remarried. Cherie was a teenager when she overdosed on drugs and almost died. The next day her stepmother, who was very loving and wise, said this to her:  “Cherie, how long are you going to use your past as an excuse for your life now? You can continue hating yourself and blaming others for the way you are, or you can choose to change.” Cherie knew that even though her mother had largely failed as a mother, Cherie still had to make her own choice to change. After finishing her education, Cherie started her own business, and then travelled across her nation as a public speaker to teenage kids, encouraging and teaching them about their life choices.  

Someone said: “Little people with little hearts live their life in little ruts, refusing to change things in their little world.”  So when things are not the way we know they should be, we have two choices:  we can continue complaining about them, or we can start changing them. A wise man said:  “Stop complaining about what you have allowed.”  As the saying goes, “Put up or shut up.” Either do something to help change the situation, or stop complaining about it. 

We can “light a candle or curse the darkness”. God is just waiting for you to ask Him to help you do your part to change your hurtful, dark situation. But Jesus cannot help you until you ask Him to take full charge of your heart and character every day. If you keep shutting out His light and love, then your life will simply remain as it is. It is obvious and true: “If things don’t change, they’re going to stay the same.” It is your choice. Just think a minute… 

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