The golden rule of Business

Think a minute...This is the true story of a boy named Jim who started working on farms at the young age of eight. By the time he was 20 Jim was training as a store manager, and within a year was a successful salesman. Then in 1901 he married a young woman named Berta. After a couple of more years Jim was put in charge of a brand new store. He put a big sign on the front that read Golden Rule.  

He worked hard to manage his store from early morning until late at night. He and Berta lived in a small room above the store that was an unfinished attic. Their dining table was just a box turned upside down and shoe cases for chairs. But their Golden Rule store was on its way. Jim’s wise, hard work paid off. After twelve years he had 71 stores. Three years later he had 177 stores. And eleven years later Jim owned a chain of more than 1,000 stores across America!  

Maybe you have heard this true story of the J.C. Penney stores and the young man, James Cash Penney, who built it all from nothing. But you probably have not heard of the terrible suffering and disappointments he had to overcome to accomplish it.

Back in 1910, Jim lost the most important partner and person in his life when his wife Berta died. Then came the famous stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression in America. So by 1931, J.C. Penney was in the hospital from a physical and nervous breakdown. 

When he woke the next morning, he heard music and followed the sound to the small chapel in the hospital. There Jim met God who began to heal his broken heart and restore his purpose for living. Jim had lost 40 million dollars! But that day he discovered wealth greater than any amount of money. So at the age of 56, with his new-found purpose and passion, he started his life again. 

Jim traveled everywhere speaking about the power and principles of Jesus Christ, including The Golden Rule. In fact, Jim rebuilt his company even bigger! No matter what disappointments you have had in the past, you can start all over again today. But this time you can live your Maker’s way. Remember, His way is the only way you can have real prosperity and peace that can never be taken away from you. Just think a minute… 

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