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Dear Editor,

I wanted to share my views on the latest law change by L.T.A regarding the give way laws. Every morning I commute from the Aana district to work and home again and when I see the quality of the driving on our roads I’m puzzled as to why we feel the need to pass another law that we can’t police or monitor.

What was broken about giving way to your right, does this new law add anything new to us? 

We have had so many tragic road accidents lately and I’m quite certain that none of them had anything to do with the giving way to your right rule ... so why change it?

My point is everyday I see children with no seat belts standing up in cars, babies being carried on the laps of drivers, people overtaking around blind corners, if we are going to follow and copy everything New Zealand does then can you please ticket the drivers that do 5k on the open road and hold everyone up?

I mean wouldn’t it make more sense for us to spend tax payers money on a TV ad campaign that can educate the public on the basic road rules that exist instead of adding something else that wont improve the safety of all who use our public roads daily ... if it’s a question of money then maybe L.T.A need to stop sponsoring TV programs like the Voice and other TV programming that I’ve seen with their name attached to.

Thank you for your time, drive safe and God Bless



The only driver out on our roads wearing a helmet

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