Stupid plan to send patients to India

Dear Editor,

Wow, now P.M. Tuilaepa wants to send our people to India where hospitals are overcrowded? 

He said this would work out cheaper for him and H.R.P.P as it costs $20 Million to send our people to N.Z. for treatment.

Why would anyone want to send their family member all the way to India, the middle of nowhere, instead of to our next door neighbour N.Z. where most of our patients will have a lot of family members there to support them?

He said this will save Samoa a lot of money - but why didn’t he think about saving money when he and his govt misused and abused and corrupted $100s of Millions as well as wasted $100s of Millions more on failed projects, not to mention how they ballooned our loan out up to $2 Billion which built those white elephant buildings that in the end created no jobs and generated zero income?

Will P.M. Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P and their families and business associates be traveling to India for medical treatment too or will they continue receiving treatment from N.Z. when required (even for a scratched toe) except for the people of this nation?

We will be watching you very closely P.M. Tuilaepa to see if you’d be sending yourself, H.R.P.P members and your families and the rest that suck up to you to N.Z. instead of India.

In India, they classify people. They’ve got lower class, middle class and high class and each class is known by their surnames. 

If you’re from the lower class/poor class category, it doesn’t matter how well educated you are but if your family have been cleaning toilets for years, then you’d be cleaning the toilet too with your degree. 

Each class has their own hospital too. The question to P.M. Tuilaepa - which class of hospital will you be sending our people to? 

This plan really concerns me. If our people are sent to a lower class hospital because it’s cheaper, I guarantee you this - your family member will definitely come back butchered with missing body parts and you’re lucky if they’re not dead because in India the hospitals for the rich and middle class buy body parts from the hospital that service the poor.

P.M. Tuilaepa should never have gone there with this idea of his. 

When it comes to the health of this nation, it should never be compromised. Our people are not guinea pigs for Indian hospitals and their interns to practice on and neither are they spare body parts for India’s elite and wealthy patients.

This is one of his political stunts and dirty mind games he’s playing with the people, who will be put off from sending their loved ones to India for treatment (and N.Z. treatment will be denied) just so he can save money so there’s still money for him to corrupt some more.

On top of that, the govt is dead broke.

So P.M. Tuilaepa, how’s this for a plan instead? I say all those fools who voted for you and H.R.P.P (including yourselves) can go to India for treatment instead - and all those who voted against you (which is the majority of this nation) can go to N.Z. or Australia to receive better quality of treatment.

We’ve spent $100s of Millions on a new hospital but we cannot treat patients in it? Why not spend the $20 Million to bring specialists from N.Z., Australia or America to treat our patients here instead? At least we’ll know our patients will be handled with dignity

This was my argument from day one – WHAT WAS THE POINT OF

BUILDING THIS NEW HOSPITAL WHEN THE GOVT CANNOT AFFORD TO EQUIP NOR MAN IT? All these stupid ideas have hit every Samoan hard in the pocket.

P.M. Tuilaepa has got to go. Enough is enough.

There is no hope for this nation under his leadership.


R. Moni


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