Creating division in Samoa

Dear Editor,


Re: Church vs Govt.

The wedge that is purposely being driven to create division at the heart of Samoa is one that’ll cause “her” own downfall. 

Divide and conquer is plain evident and the self-righteousness of those who purport to be just and for the people are simply “acts” of foaming at the mouth and the gnashing of teeth at best.

Also keep in mind that when you take the bad, good and the ugly, what you have is “confusion”, and Satan is the author of it. God sees the heart(s) of men and their fancy words and all of their “schemes” put together. Politics, Religion and Media have all been corrupted absolute, resulting in such confusion.

How is it that the only noise coming out of Samoa is division stirred by “money”? Do you not see the schemes and strategies of “divide and conquer?” Nobody is without blame. 

Please remove the “specs” from your own before casting another stone. Where is the “incense” for harmony and unity through sacrifices and prayers? Why do you offer “lip” service when your hearts are far from God.

I said it before and I will say it again, Samoa’s independence will be removed.


Nafanua Salamasina Muagututia

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