An embarrassment

Re: General Secretary tells Samoa Observer to go away

The church is now acting like the government. The church should promote inclusive of all media personnel. They may disagree with the stories that were written, but they are verifiable and accurate.

The church as a whole should appreciate the media exposing some of its member’s bad behavior. The church needs to partner with the media to expose corruption in the church. Samoans overseas that are contributing to the overall growth of the E.F.K.S and its attempt to improve the campus and headquarter in Samoa have the right to know how the money is spent.

Based on some of the stories written by S.O about the construction of this particular Jubilee church exposed the poor management of both the subcontractor and the management team of the church. It exposed both parties.

Some of the stories by the Samoa Observer was based on some people’s request or public dispute that ended up in court. To ban or single out a media outlet for doing its job is Unethical.

A Reverend/pastor should act as a man of God. They should not be discriminating. If the church wants to dispute a story by any media outlet, the church should provide evidence to contradict the story.

The reporter is a member of the church and contributes to the funding of this church. She has a right to be there in any capacity. 

If you are in contract with a media outlet, the church should’ve sent out a memo the week before the event that lets all media outlets submit questions prior to the opening ceremony. 

It would’ve given the church times to review and provide answers via its own media group. It may not be the best solution but it would’ve avoided this embarrassment. The church should act above all else.


T. Leone 

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