Your little voice

Think a minute… A man named John bought a fancy new car loaded with modern technology. It included a recording of a voice that reminded him if he had forgotten to put on his seat belt, or warned him if he was running low on fuel. So on one of John’s road trips, the little voice began telling him he needed to stop and fill his tank with fuel. But John was sure he could go a little farther.

Every few minutes the voice told him again to stop for fuel. Finally, John became so irritated that he pulled over to the side of the road, found the wires to the voice recording, and yanked them out! He was finally relieved to have some peace and quiet. But shortly afterwards, his car came to a complete stop and he was stranded. Just as the little voice had warned him—he was out of gas!

Our Maker and Manufacturer gave us a factory-installed warning voice. It’s called our conscience. We might think sometimes that it is just a nag that tries to ruin our fun in life, or that it is plain wrong. But if we keep ignoring our little voice, it becomes easier and easier to block out until eventually it will stop working altogether.

Like the guy who was trying to decide the right thing to do, so he asked his friend for advice. His friend said: “You’ve got to follow your conscience. Just listen to the little man inside you.” The guy answered: “That doesn’t work for me. My little man is an idiot!”

The fact is our feelings and conscience are not always a good guide to tell us what is right and wrong, because in one way or another we all have damaged and confused our conscience. We convince ourselves that certain wrong things are OK so we won’t feel guilty about doing them. Like the song that says: “How can this love be so wrong if it feels so right? If lovin’ you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!” But our confused thinking and feelings cannot change the fact that these things we are doing are wrong and sinful, completely separating us from our perfectly pure, good God.

It is clear that we all have chosen to go our own way in life and gotten lost. So we need to come home to our Maker who knows the only right road in life. Today, won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you, and to become your life’s Leader and Lord from this day forward? Only He can repair and reprogram your little voice, and show you the right and best way to live. He will even give you the power you need each day to fully live it. Just think a minute…

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