From Italy to Samoa: couple impressed by fale-style living

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 16 August 2017, 12:00AM

 “The sweetness of nothing” is something the Italians know all about when it comes to completely enjoying or savouring every day life.

Here in Samoa, Dear Tourist finds newly weds, Martina and Matteo Fadda, doing just that.

The Italian couple are spending their honeymoon here after being married in June.

They have spent most of their time in fale-style accommodation at Lalomanu Beach where they are enjoying the simple and relaxed way of life that they had hoped to find in Samoa. 

 “We arrived three days ago and we are leaving the day after tomorrow,” Martina said. 

“We are on our honeymoon. We went to New Zealand and then we started looking around and we chose Samoa because of the culture and landscape and beaches. 

“We just decided by looking at a map. We were at Lalomanu beach and it was amazing, fantastic. We stayed in a fale that was owned by a family that we found on the internet. This is the first Pacific Island we have been to. 

“The people, obviously -- so friendly, so nice.”

Matteo shares with us that they are enjoying the change from their busy chaotic lifestyle in Italy and that its one of the many reasons why they chose to come to this part of the world.

“Here it is really relaxed,” he said. 

“This is why we chose this part of the world to come to. I think everyone is helping each other. We came for the people, the spirit, the ambience we prefer the fale styles -- it’s the best. 

“They want to help you, they want to make you happy, it’s more relaxed -- the perfect holiday.”

The newlyweds have moved on to Return to Paradise Resort, and while they are enjoying the modern European-style facilities there, they will never forget their experience staying in a fale by the beach, even with the pesky mosquitos as house mates. 

When Dear Tourist asked the couple if they minded the mosquitos and being without air conditioning, Matteo shrugged, saying it was all a part of the journey and that he would still recommend it to his family and friends back in Italy.

“It’s an experience and an adventure -- everyone should try that coming here.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 16 August 2017, 12:00AM
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