Colonialism and systems of the world

Dear Editor,

The topic of colonialism is an interesting one I find.

I want to point out a few areas that need clarity before the punters start smashing the ping pong ball around the tables. 

I was too eager to unveil it’s application to our current situation during my last letter and perhaps left a few holes unintentionally in the track of history to put the whole picture in an understandable interpretation.

Ceazer Constantine, the last emperor of Rome was responsible for seizing aggression towards the growing number of believers of the time. Fatigue from war and infighting within the Roman empire he retired to the city of Constantinople which is the city of Ankara in Turkey today I believe. 

Before he retired he degree that the church be made a political arm of the government and called it the Roman Catholic church. Because of the large numbers of followers it became the strongest arm of the government and thus the Pope inherently became the heads of government in Rome.

I did not make an attempt to identify the evil that is to come but to identify the direction it’s coming from. We are aware of the Holy Trinity in Heaven made up of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On the dark side is also a trinity which is made up of satan, the false prophet and the antichrist. 

Daniel left a few hints there for us to be aware of but I can say with absolute certainty that even the top scholars in biblical prophesies cannot tell or identify this character, simply because God has not appointed him yet. He’s alive but hasn’t been officially declared yet. He is an Assyrian in heritage as in the writings of the prophet Isaiah. Assyria covers a wide area which also includes Israel at the time. There is a possibility that he’s of Jewish descendant from the words of Daniel himself...’he shall desire neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women’. George Soros is Jewish and so is the Rothschild banking dynasty that controls the world banking establishment. Anything’s possible. The Word doesn’t change but the theater of operation is a cameleon. 

The election of Donald Trump shed a significant light to this mystery, in that it unraveled a very critical nature of deception within the western civilization which before was dormant until the last year or two. This is the direct opposite of the Holy Spirit ( the Spirit of Truth) which Jesus promised us in the feast of the Pentecost. The opposite of truth is deception and lies, and the US media and it’s related agencies are spear heading this drive. 

The western mindset is that, as long as it’s legal it’s ok. The truth doesn’t matter. Back stabbing and betrayal is normal as long as it’s legal. I did not say that Australia and New Zealand had a hand in the bullying and territorial tactics that is very evident from ANZ and Virgin towards our small airline but the mindset or the spirit is unmistakable. 

Lastly and equally important is the ‘Muslims still living their lives according to the law of right and wrong.’ 

After re reading my post I realized that there might be some difficulty in accepting the reality of that little statement. I think I’ll better explain it in a little story.

I was on a flight and I happened to be sitting next to an elderly gentleman whom was a Muslims by faith. He politely ask me if it’s alright with me that he was going to pray because the sun was going down and it was his prayer time. ‘Sure sure’ I said. For 5 mins he went on with his thing and later thanked me for not minding him in his belief. I reassured him that I was perfectly cool with it. I could guest from the attire of the people in the flight that at least 80% of them are Muslims. I ask him later, I think just to create conversation, of the different between Ramadan and the Haj and his next statement shocked the living heck out of me. I’d never heard of this version before. 

He ask me whether I was a Christian or not, and I said yes. He began to tell me the very well told story of Abraham and the offering God told him with the life of his son Issac, only the Muslim version, it was Ishmael instead of Issac, because Ishmael was the older son. 

It was rather wise and perhaps later on I’d realized it was the Holy Spirit that may have stopped me from correcting him in his tracks. I was very unsettled by this version of the story for a few months because if that was their version which is exactly the opposite of the bible version then it’s a simple case of their word vs our word. It’s not like the character of God to leave an open ended stories without revealing himself. One morning I got my answer as I was walking and praying and I was reminded of the story of Abel and Gain, Jacob and Esau, Ephraim and Manasseh, the prodigal son. The ultimate sacrifice was when God ignored his First born Son on the cross so that the younger son may have an inheritance. I got my answer. 

The Muslims can dispute this, it’s their belief. I’m only telling my version and my belief. The point is whether they are right of wrong they refer their judgement to the origin of their belief, in their hearts. We on the other hand allow our human laws to rule our lives at the prize of right and wrong or the origin of Our belief. 

There is no doubt in my mind which version is correct because I got my proof, whether we accept it, is a personal choice. God is very able to send another mysterious finger as with the story of Daniel and write some more inscriptions on the walls of mosques and synagogue instructing the Jews and the Muslims together to the direction of the truth, after all they are brothers.

We need to go heads up from time to time and re visit whether our information is still current or not. The Word doesn’t change but the theater of operation keeps on revolving and we, the body of Christ needs to be with the Ancient of Time, as Daniel puts it, to avoid being deceived.


Steve R.

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