Of the Ombudsman’s report and the Police

Dear Editor,

“E asa le faiva, ae le asa le masalo”. I’m not going to leave the Ombudsman alone on this issue because I really think it was his report that fueled all this.

There’s no telling that the police aren’t of principle enough to start a mutiny like this unless it was incited from above. 

I said that before and now we know it was ordered by a higher ranked official.

How convenient that he had to be away when all this was panning out. 

I said previously the guilty always blinks first.  He conveniently took himself away from the country on the excuse of a business trip when the real reason is to hide while his army of policemen execute their agenda as planned. 

Why? Because darkness always runs away and hide when you turn on the light. The light is stronger than darkness.

Let’s get back to the Ombudsman. 

I’m just thinking aloud here that maybe in his old ag,e he’s starting to lose touch with reality after doing his math, and realized like everyone else that is politically appointed, ‘what happened if I lose my free 4WD paid by the people’. ‘I’m nobody anymore’. It’s starting to fall together.  We now know from the anonymous letter by a junior policeman, who can see more clearly then the Ombudsman, that he (Ombudsman) was well aware of what was happening within the police force and yet the tone of his report was personal, playing the man instead of looking really deep into the rules of play.  Had he looked deeper, he might have come up with the notion that maybe there’s friction within that may have prejudiced the outcome of the operation, as word is this guy was tipped off that there was a raid coming. 

I understand that this cannot be proved but a good investigator can sense the body language, the use of words, the eye contact, that there maybe something smelly inside that warrants a closer look. 

He was quick in his report and sounds very political rather than in principle.  Now pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall in their right places and I just can’t get this notion off me that he wrote the report to satisfy a political agenda rather then the truth. 

The one sanctuary available for the people to seek refuge from the corruption of politics, ‘the office of the ombudsman’, and yet we’re not sure anymore. 

There are many questions about the Ombudsman now. Too many co-incidences. Too many things that he should’ve dug into to satisfy himself before writing his report and yet he went for a cheap shot of the LAPD style that’s irrelevant to us in the islands. 

That’s a clear indicator to me that he was ignorant of life on the street level. He has no front line intelligence on the case and no inside man in the police force to get a truer sense of the air inside.

This case now is in the court of public opinion and I’m not satisfied.  

He didn’t get a little deeper into the corruption of the police force to satisfy himself that this may have a bearing on the outcome of the police raid. 

The case of the email scandal that cost Hillary Clinton the election was never about a private email account. It was about the loss of lives at the US mission in Benghazi. The investigators asked the right questions and uncovered a deeper web of cover ups and corruption within the government. She may still go to jail.  

On the contrary, the Ombudsman didn’t go into the motives behind the reason why things were. 

He didn’t ask the right questions or interview the right people. He didn’t get the feel of the house. Looks like to me he just went in there had a cuppa with the minister, asked a few questions to the crooks and shook hands with them then came home to his computer and wrote the report. “E asa le faiva ae le asa le masalo.”


Steve R.

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