Magele ready to serve Fa'asaleleaga No. 2

By Matai'a Lanuola Tusani T - Ah Tong 22 June 2021, 4:00PM

The new Member of Parliament for Fa’asaleleaga No. 2 who defeated one of the district’s longest-serving representatives says he is ready to serve after beating a legal challenge to his election. 

Fa’atuatua ile Atua Samoa ua Tasi (F.A.S.T.) M.P. Magele Sekati Fiaui has cemented his term in office for the next five years following a petition results from the Supreme Court on Monday. 

The Supreme Court dismissed an electoral challenge against Magele advanced by second-placed runner Gatoloaifaana Amataga Gidlow. 

In addition, it also quashed a counter sue from Magele against the 15 years parliamentarian and former Cabinet Minister Gatoloaifaana. 

Speaking to the media, Magele said this was the answer from God and he is humbled by it. 

He acknowledged the support from his constituency and supporters saying that he is ready to give back to his constituency and the community. 

“I didn’t fight this battle alone,” he said. 

“I felt the presence of my constituency and everyone else and I am ready to serve in whatever way I can assist my constituency.” 

Magele was seen approaching Gatoloaifaana after the decision was handed down by the Supreme Court. 

Gatoloaifaana congratulated Magele and wished him well during his tenure in office. 

She said God works in different ways and with the political uncertainty the peace of the nation is critical at this time. 

Magele who is the youngest elected M.P. for the XVII parliamentary term was accused of six counts of bribery, one count of treating and one count of corrupt activities.  

Those allegations include claims of a $1000 tala donation to the Women’s Committee of Vaiafai to assist with their new building project and allegations of monetary to certain voters. 

A counter petition against Gatoloai alleged five complaints of bribery that sought to disqualify her from contesting in any ensuing bi-election. 

In their conclusion, the Supreme Court Justices dismissed the electoral challenges. 

“In relation to the petition, we do not find that the allegations contained therein have been proven beyond reasonable doubt and we dismiss the petition in its entirety,” said Chief Justice, His HOnour Satiu Simativa Perese. 

“Similarly, we also find that the allegations contained in the counter petition have also not been proven beyond reasonable doubt and it is dismissed. 

“Each party will bear its own costs. The security for costs paid by the petition will be reimbursed to her.” 

Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala-Warren presided over the matter with Chief Justice Perese. 

The latest petition outcome leaves the F.A.S.T. party in the lead with 26 seats while the Human Rights Protection Party commands a minority of 24 members. 

By Matai'a Lanuola Tusani T - Ah Tong 22 June 2021, 4:00PM

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