Do you support Moata’a’s decision?

16 August 2017, 12:00AM

The village of Moata’a is standing by its decision to ban a Chinese man from operating a store in their village. Village paramount chief, Asi Semisi Blakelock, said they will not change their village foundation which prohibits outsiders from running shops there. What do you think? Lizzy Hunt had a chance to interview a few people for today’s Street Talk and this is what they said.


Tai Faapito, Manono

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Chinese businesses as they are bringing us help especially that their goods are cheap. With the decision made by the Moata’a village to ban Asian businesses from setting up in their village, it’s good but they should consider that our Samoan people need cheap goods.


Pula’au Faamuina, 24, Gagaifo Lefaga

I agree that foreign businesses should be banned from being set up in our villages. I have seen and love how our people have so much love and knowledge about what our country owns. I support Moata’a’s decision in banning the Asian stores. These are our lands and our homes and we have the right to protect what is ours.


Valeli Esekia, 23, Sinamoga

I think it’s a good idea because the Chinese will end up running all the stores. They open up their businesses and lower the prices until they dominate the market in later years. On the other hand, I also like that the Chinese have opened up a market and stirred up competition. Their shops has created good competition for Samoan business owners.  So I agree and disagree.


Frank Su’a, 22, Gagaifo Lefaga

I don’t agree with Moata’a’s decision. We need businesses in Samoa so that our country will develop. I know those store are keeping the prices of goods down. How are we going to afford anything to survive? We are complaining about the cost of living being so expensive yet we are not allowing these people to make things easier for us.


Tuaefu Toufi, 31, Tuaefu

I support foreign businesses because they bring us help. These Chinese businesses make things affordable for people but I do not support them setting up their businesses in local villages. I think they should concentrate in the town area but leave the village shops alone to small business people to run. I think it’s in that regard that I support Moata’a’s decision.


Tapuai Titi, 77, Vailele

I see the need for foreign businesses especially these Chinese stores. They are very good when it comes to cheap goods. But I also support Moata’a’s decision of banning them from setting up stores in their village. They should set up their businesses in the town area but not in the villages because that’s where our people are living. We Samoans must be smart, we always give our money in buying things from the foreign businesses which makes their businesses grow, yet when it comes to buying something from our own Samoans businesses, we don’t. We only buy on credit and that drives them out of business. But with the Chinese, there is no such thing. No cash, no product. That’s why their shops grow.





16 August 2017, 12:00AM

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