When you reject the truth

Dear Editor

Re: Why I’m living in Samoa   

The truth is only in the “eye of the beholder.” Most people don’t want to deal with the truth because it hurts, and that is why people can’t handle the truth.

We’ve been conditioned too long to think other wise, and to steer a ship away from the iceberg 180 degrees to its rightful path is almost impossible considering the fact that to change the way we think after generations of mind control is almost impossible. 

Try turning the light on someone’s face that just woke up. They will reject that light and look away. Why? 

Because being enlightened is not something we’ve been accustomed to. 

Critical thinking is not part of this society we’re living in. We were taught by a system early on when we were young to obey and to go along without asking any questions. 

That’s why the world is turned upside down because people are zombies like the walking dead that they don’t even know reality from fiction. 

They have rejected the very principles taught by the hero’s of the past that ultimately paid a price with their life’s for exposing the truth. 

They have instill in their writings a critical notion to “ know thyself “ , or to use reason and critical thinking rather than the piece meal word “ to believe.” 

They would rather believe in some good story that some institution told them instead of using the conscious mind that for lack of a better term God gave them. That’s why they don’t even know that they’ve been institutionalized by the very system they thought was telling the truth. 

Anything outside the realm of that box they’ve been boxed in, in contrary to their belief system, they will reject it. 

I might sound like I’m way off the subject matter that’s been discussed but I’d like to drive my point in support for those that stood for truth, as it is the only way to undue the chains of ignorance and to relieve ourselves from bondage; which will lead us to the promised land of ultimate Freedom.


Leituala Roger

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