Raging Bull

Think a minute...One of the worst shooting massacres in America’s history took place on the campus of Virginia Tech University. A student named Cho Seung-Hui went on a shooting spree killing 32 people before committing suicide.         

Cho was a South Korean who moved to America at age eight. As a child he was quiet and well-behaved. In school Cho was excellent at math and most of his other subjects. He was well liked by his teachers who told the other students that Cho was a good example to follow. He was seen as a smart boy and even quite popular with the girls.    

Sadly, all this changed for Cho in middle school and high school where almost every day he was teased and tormented for being shy and speaking English differently. This constant shaming of Cho by the other students became so painful that finally he refused to speak around other people. Every day he was either alone with no friends or bullied by other kids.

Finally, Cho’s parents took him to a youth club hoping this might help him. Unfortunately, kids made fun of him there too. Furthermore, the adult leader of the group noticed that Cho might be developing some mental problems, so he encouraged Cho’s parents to take him to a doctor.

But sadly, they did not do it. Cho’s aunt in Korea became increasingly concerned as she heard his parents frequently talk about his older sister but almost never even mention their son Cho. 

After years of being rejected, bullied and abused by other students, Cho became like a wounded, raging bull wanting to destroy everyone in his path. It’s a simple, tragic fact of life: “Hurt people, hurt people.” In other words, people who are hurting inside usually react by hurting other people around them. In fact, most of our anger in one way or another is caused by some type of pain.  

Maybe you are still angry because of the ways you have been hurt or humiliated in your life. It may have happened years ago, but your emotional pain has not completely stopped. But the great news is if you will ask Jesus to come in to your heart and take control of your life, He can start healing your wounds.

He will also give you the strength to forgive those people who hurt you. It is then that you can finally be free to move forward and start fully experiencing God’s wonderful plan for your life. Just think a minute…

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