Bradaz take shield from Maaseugogo

By Vaelei Von Dincklage 22 April 2021, 6:00PM

The Bradaz team from Siusega is now the holder of the Apia Men's League shield after beating Maaseugogo from Fusi Safata at the Garden Oval, Tuanaimato.

The team narrowly triumphed by 57 - 53 runs. 

Maaseugogo has been the holder of the Shield since 2020. But it only took Bradaz a weekend to wrest it away from them. 

According to an official from the Samoa International Cricket Association (S.I.C.A), Perelini Mulitalo, she believes that the level of competition on display is consistently being raised. 

"From my view, the level of the tournament and my perspective of the whole tournament, it still continues to improve and grow in terms of the way the tournament is done, the way the players play, and yet we are just in the second week of the tournament for the men," she said.

"We are unsure on who will win as we just started and it is the second week anyways. If we look at the shield game last week where the shield which is now taken by Bradaz from the holder since 2020, Maaseugogo, it only shows that the shield games are no longer that easy."

Ms. Mulitalo said that Afaluko from Solosolo is the next team to challenge for the shield this week, and they are looking forward to the contest.

"The Afaluko team hasn't been in the tournament for long but they did manage to defeat Falelauniu with 51 points," she said. 

Results from the weekend are as follows:

Division A:

  • Seahorse 27 - Phantom 30
  • Falelauniu A 35 - Afaluko 86
  • Fetu i Sasae 43 - Alafua Raiders 54
  • Apia West 20 - Young Eagle 52
  • Maaseugogo B 43 - Vailele EFKS 120
  • Maaseugogo A 53 - Bradaz 57 (Shield Game)

Division B:

  • Brave Hearts 83 - Metotisi Youth Fusi Safata 15
  • Punamalu A 58 - Laulaau Mai Farani 62
  • Sand City 120 - Kukama 44
  • Le Auso A 82 - Le Auso B 22
  • Metotisi Lufilufi 44 - Punamalu B 40
  • Falelauniu B 47 - Metotisi Tufulele 45
  • Metotisi Youth Fusi Safata A - BYE

By Vaelei Von Dincklage 22 April 2021, 6:00PM
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