Be of service to one another during Holy Week

Over 2,000 years ago a man from Galilee stood trial before the Roman governor Pontus Pilate where it was decreed that he be sentenced to death by crucifixion.

The death of Jesus Christ – and the excruciatingly painful walk that preceded it to the Golgotha outside the city walls of Jerusalem carrying the wooden cross while wearing a crown of thorns – is etched into the four Gospels that now make up the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

It is that sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross, wherein he shed his blood and died for our sins, which continues to unite all of us since the Christian faith first came to our shores 191 years ago.

Many people of faith will mark Good Friday differently, but there is consensus that it will be a day of fasting, prayer, repentance and meditation as we all reflect on Jesus’ agony and suffering on the cross.

Having just entered the fourth month of a new year and with the General Election just a week away, it has to be the best of time for a self-reflection on how one has fared thus far, and if we are ready to make our own sacrifices for the good of our families and the community.

And looking back at the newspaper headlines over the last couple of days, truth be told it hasn’t been easy for a lot of families as well as the community.

From the assaulting of a rugby match official – to the jailing of a mother for child abuse and the mind blowing decision of a six-year-old child to skip school – in order to sell on the street and assist his struggling family make ends meet.

While the stories confirm men and women remain susceptible to human acts that can devalue another life, how much of a sacrifice are we willing to make like Jesus who was mocked on the road to Golgotha and castigated by the priests and elders as he hung on the cross and died for our sins?

It is obvious that Christ made a greater sacrifice for us and Good Friday offers us an opportunity for us to celebrate while also being mindful of our own actions going forward as citizens of this nation.

It is here and now. If there is an opportunity to make peace. Make peace. If there is an opportunity to forgive. Forgive. If there is an opportunity to repent. Repent.  

And with the Holy Week upon us, it would be impossible to celebrate the triumphant resurrection of Jesus from death on Sunday through the Easter Sunday celebration, unless you’ve prepared yourself for it.

There is no greater act of love at this time of the Holy Week then be of service to others and to give faith, hope, love and confidence to one another as we celebrate the sacrifice that Christ made.

It is perhaps Godly intervention that we are celebrating the Holy Week, just a few days out from a general election, which is now turning out to be one of the most eagerly contested in our history as a nation.

No doubt, there will be expectations of our aspiring politicians and leaders and how they conduct themselves, as we count down to polling day.

We don’t have to look far, for an example of the exemplary leadership that a man from Galilee set over 2000 years ago, when he preached and practiced the act of being a servant to the people.

But the act of being of service to one another is not and should not be confined to our leaders and the public offices that they hold; but each and every citizen that walks this land.

Mathew Chapter 5 Verse 16 says: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Enjoy the Holy Week celebrations and have a blessed Good Friday.

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