Voters back H.R.P.P. plans for the big island

Human Rights Protection Party [H.R.P.P.] policies and election plans for Savai'i has won the support of eligible voters on the big island. 

The unveiling of the party's manifesto on Friday at the Apita o Pisaga attracted a crowd of close to 500 people who were keen to listen to what the party's plans were for Samoa for the next term of government.

The plans announced by the party include the major developments for the Salelologa township; a new hospital; a referral health centre at Salelologa; the establishment of a National University of Samoa campus at Salelologa; and the establishment of a center to house all government ministries at Salelologa.

Tuilaepa said a total of 400 acres has been secured for these developments at Salelologa.

Other plans for the big island include infrastructure projects, education developments, improving healthcare, community service obligations. 

There are also plans to deepen the channel at the Asau wharf in Savai’i and have approved funds for the construction of new school buildings in the country, including a college in Neiafu.

Salafaitele Tumamao from Tafua commended the leader and senior members of the party for coming up with a manifesto, which he thought was "thoroughly planned."

"I enjoyed listening to the plans and policies by the H.R.P.P.," Salafaitele said.

"The great thing about it was that we got to hear about their achievements and the developments they have accomplished in the past five years. 

"We also got the chance to hear about the plans they have for our country in the next coming years. 

"But this was expected because the party is made up of very intelligent people. People with so many qualifications and are very experienced when it comes to politics and how to run a government.

"They have been at the helm for such a long time and they have done a tremendous job getting us to where we are at the moment."

When asked to point out a H.R.P.P. plan which he found interesting, Salafaitele said: "There were a lot of great plans read out by the Prime Minister. 

"So I cannot say which one I like the most but all of them are really great for the future of Samoa."

Asked for his opinion on the strong presence of Fa'atuatua i le Atua Samoa ua Tasi (F.A.S.T.) and their plans for compare to the H.R.P.P., Salafaitele said he is excited to see what the outcome of the election is going to be. 

"I know for a fact that I am not the only person who is very looking forward to the election," he added.

"This election is going to be very interesting and with F.A.S.T. making a strong presence and becoming famous, I think it's good because this is what happens in democratic countries. 

"People are free to exercise their rights to run and it gives us options to choose from when voting. I am happy that F.A.S.T. is coming on very strong and I see a lot of people are supporting that party. 

"I have nothing against the party and I think it's great that someone who has been in parliament for so many years is leading that party. 

"It will be very interesting to see who Samoa will choose to lead Samoa in the next coming years."

However, Salafaitele believes that it is unlikely for the H.R.P.P. to be defeated in this coming election. 

"It will be hard for a new party to try and defeat the party that has been in power for too long. The works and developments by the H.R.P.P. speaks of the their service to Samoa and I don't think Samoa is ready to have new people in to take over or to start over again. 

"So I personally believe that the H.R.P.P. will rule again."

Another matai, Niui'a Fala Tofa of Saipipi told the Samoa Observer he has been a strong supporter of the H.R.P.P. and will always support the party and its plans for Samoa. 

"We all heard the achievements and the developments they have done for Samoa in the past decades," Niui'a said.

"So it's not hard for me to choose who I should vote for because I am a strong H.R.P.P. supporter and my loyalty is with the H.R.P.P."

Niui'a commended the H.R.P.P. for their plan to establish a N.U.S. campus at Salelologa for the children of Savai'i. 

"For many years, our people in Savai'i had to send our children in Upolu after college so they can attend university.

"There is always that problem of finding a good relative or a place for our children to stay in Upolu. 

"We get separated from our children and it's hard to stay in Savai'i while your heart and mind are roaming in Apia, wondering if your child is where she is supposed to be or if she is well taken care of. 

"But if our government is proposing to set up a university in Savai'i for our children, that would be something great and something they should have done a long time ago."

Moreover, Niui'a believes that Samoa does not need change because H.R.P.P. is doing a great job leading the country. 

"There plans for Savai'i will reflect that common saying they have been saying all these years that what's good for Upolu is also good for Savai'i. 

"I believe we have a stable government because of the H.R.P.P.'s leadership. So why should we change the government? I will remain loyal to the H.R.P.P. because I have witnessed the many developments they have done for the country."

Punatofotui Fetaua'i of Lano also expressed the same sentiment. 

"I think the plans our party has come up with for the next coming years are really great," he said. 

"I am voting for H.R.P.P. and I support our candidate running for H.R.P.P. because I believe he is the perfect person to represent our village."

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