Why I would visit Samoa

By Lumepa Apelu 20 April 2016, 12:00AM

Ever wondered at the beauty and vulnerability of a woman? 

Not just her outside, her hair, her legs, her toes, fingers, hands or her eyes. I look at a woman from the inside first, because I am not only observant but also straight you know. 

If a woman is a garden internally, she would be so sweet, gentle, soft, and yes very elegant. 

When she is a volcano, she is fiery, calculating and perhaps eruptive if not contained well. But if she is both, then she is an island, like Samoa, paradise with a bit of a twist to her. 

And to bring you up to date, as she is a modern Samoan woman, expect potholes on the way to her soul. Most smart men, enjoy this kind of woman. Strong men, love them and stay faithful to them. 

Do you wonder why your grandparents had many children, stayed together forever, and made life seem so perfect? 

My grandmother was this kind of woman but I digress from showing the lack of precision in my own choices. Am I laughing out loud while I write this? 

Yes you bet my dear reader. I am as lost as many of you are, in the ways of modern love and attraction and in this trialed era of our existence. 

But vulnerability is truth, and I guess it is ok to share it with you. Just don’t judge me too harshly because I am not claiming your beauty or your handsomeness to win this rag. 

I merely reach out to your heart.

But if you ask me, why I would like to visit Samoa, thinking I am not Samoan, I would put many hats on and think like Winnie the Pooh on the molding of such a question. 

Visiting Samoa would be on my bucket list if I was a saint. 

I would come to it to alleviate poverty. 

If I was a man, I would come to compete with all the earnest Samoan men. 

If my luck was that I was a blonde skinny sexy woman, I would come to Samoa to empower other women to exercise and look fantastic in their Polynesian curvy feminine bodies. 

I would love to be a child visiting Samoa because I would come to it to find out where the museums are, enjoy the sand beaches and get hurt by a rock while surfing small waves.

 Samoa would be on my list of things to do as soon as possible if I was in-love with a faithful and handsome man with no wife, who had love and respect for his sisters and mother, and was adored by his friends and brothers, as they say Samoans are family oriented people. 

I would choose Samoa over any other island, to return to, like a lover always seeks to be with his loved one the most if she was a proud woman. 

So yes, I would come to Samoa most of all if Samoa wanted me to visit. Ever heard of the law of attraction phenomena? Where your energy goes is where the luck flows. 

So as a proposed visitor of my own country, wearing a different face and somewhat mixed up gender, I would appreciate a more truthful and meaningful experience of Samoa. 

I would not mind seeing the potholes, the curves on the women, the stubbornness of men, the poverty-stricken, or the hospitals even. I would embrace all that as long as I know, that coming to Samoa would make me a better person.  Remember, I am the visitor. I look great already. 

But my insides needs a bit of nourishment and they say paradise is where healing is done efficiently, by nature, by karma, and by the laziness of Samoan Sundays. 

And if paradise needs my help, I would break my bank account to nourish it. Because even the old man sleeping on the cold streets of New York would be happy to know, that the climate of Samoa is a place where he would be prefer to be homeless in.

By Lumepa Apelu 20 April 2016, 12:00AM

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